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The Chittering Horror of the Ley House

Oct 28, 2011 2 Comments ›› Grey Gecko Press

  In most houses, horrors remain safely hidden behind the walls and under the floors. Daniel McKean, home inspector, dredges up dreadful secrets every day but — in his next assignment — the secrets fight back… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Grey Gecko Press is proud to announce our first offering from our newest author, Lee Lackey. Lee has been writing shorts ...

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Whatever Happened to Thomas J. Reynolds?

Sep 2, 2011 1 Comment ›› Grey Gecko Press

UPDATE: This story is now a part of the collected book, The Dying of the Light: The Walker Chronicles, and is no longer available separately. Many of the people who’ve read The Dying of the Light: End have asked me this question. I deliberately left Tom’s fate somewhat uncertain in the book, because he had a longer and more ...

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Jason Kristopher | Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Author

Jul 23, 2011 2 Comments ›› Grey Gecko Press

Jason Kristopher was born in Texas, and spent the first years of his life moving with his family around northern Texas and the Panhandle. After settling with his family in Colorado, Jason spent time there soaking up the creative energy and enjoying the beautiful weather, before moving back to Texas for "real" work. Jason lives just ...

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