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We regret that new submissions to Grey Gecko are closed at this time. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT SUBMISSIONS AND PROPOSALS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN SENT. As a small press, we have limited resources, and we’ve received several hundred submissions so far this year alone. In order to maintain our quick turnaround for submissions, we cannot accept any new submissions until our backlog has been reviewed. We look forward to re-opening submissions soon.

You Can Help!

Grey Gecko Press has crowd-sourced our slushpile. We call it the Slushpile Reader Program. After applying for membership in the program, you’re invited to join other members in helping us review the hundreds of submissions currently in our slushpile. You’ll get to read unedited manuscripts, comment, and vote on them, helping us choose which to publish and which need more work. Find more information on this program here.

Submission Information

When submissions are open, Grey Gecko Press accepts submissions from authors for previously unpublished work or work that is not currently licensed or under contract by another publisher. Grey Gecko accepts submissions ranging from short story length (1,500 words minimum) to extended-length novels (175,000 words) and everything in between. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about our submission policies and procedures.

What You Should Know Before Submitting

1.       We have submission requirements and procedures for a reason. Follow them.

Our submission requirements aren’t onerous, especially when compared to many other agents and/or more traditional publishers. We have these requirements because we receive many submissions, and processing them all is much less time-consuming when they’re formatted correctly and include all the information that we need. Submissions that aren’t formatted correctly or are missing required info will be deleted unread with no notification. And really, following the rules is just being professional.


2.       We don’t publish some genres.

There are three genres of fiction we’re not interested in publishing. This is not intended as a judgement of those genres, merely a company choice not to publish them. If your work falls into one of these categories, please seek another publisher. Don’t try to sneak it by, hoping we won’t notice. We will, and not only will your submission be deleted unread (or mostly unread), we’ll remember you. And not in a good way. Be honest with yourself and us, and you won’t waste anyone’s time.


The genres we don’t publish are:

·       Extreme horror

Think Saw and Hostel. Violence for the sake of violence, gore just for kicks. There may be a market for this, but we’re not it.


·       Erotica

If the book has sex in it, that’s fine. If it’s only sex, or 90% sex, then that’s erotica, and we’re just not interested.


·       Religious Fiction

If it includes religion, that’s okay, but if it’s about religion, that’s not. An example of this genre and a book we would not publish would be the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.


3.       No line-jumpers.

No one gets a free pass to the head of the line. Don’t send your submission to another Grey Gecko email account, hoping to get noticed. Don’t call us, asking if you can submit your work directly to one of our editors. Submit your work like everyone else. We will get to it, and if it’s good, we’ll talk. Trying to circumvent the process only guarantees that we’ll never read your work.

Submission Requirements


1.       Choose the correct type of submission.

We have five types of works that we publish: Non-fiction, Short Story, Novella, Novel, and Novel (Extended Length). This categorization of incoming submissions is important and allows us to more quickly process your work. Plus, if you pick the wrong one, we’ll wonder if you bothered reading the requirements to begin with. Take your time and do it right. It’s worth it.


2.       No full manuscripts.

Send us a query letter, including a brief, one- or two-page synopsis and a sample of the work, as follows: for novellas, the first chapter; for novels, the first 3 chapters. Short stories may be submitted in their entirety.


3.       Electronic submission is REQUIRED.

You must submit your work using Microsoft Word or Word-compatible file formats, including .doc or .docx. You may also submit initial queries in PDF form, but please note: If accepted for further review/publication, you will be required to provide a .doc/.docx file at that time. Manuscripts and/or queries that are mailed to us will be returned without being read if a stamped envelope of sufficient size  is provided. Otherwise, they will be recycled.


4.       Submissions must be formatted appropriately.

The work submitted must be formatted in the current industry standard. Click here for more information. NOTE: Submissions that are not formatted appropriately may be deleted without being read. So follow the instructions, please.


5.       Be patient.

We may not be able to respond to you quickly. We are still a small shop, with a limited number of personnel. We’re not ignoring you, we’re just busy. Please be patient.

So that’s it! If you’re interested in submitting, click the appropriate button below.


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  1. Emma N. Ibegbulem says:

    Does Grey Gecko Press consider books that have been self-published, for further publication?

    Thank you.

  2. Richard Keller says:

    Are you permitted to submit multiple entries to Grey Gecko? For instance, can I submit a manuscript at the same time I send out a short story?

  3. Bonnie Terry says:

    Do you consider children’s or middle grade books?

  4. Steven Corradi says:

    Does Grey Gecko want the sample chapter(s) as a separate attachment or can it be included at the end of the query letter? ( I apologize if this seems a question with an obvious answer but I am quite new to authoring). Thanks!

  5. April Mae Berza says:

    Are you considering a collection of poetry?

  6. Frances Reed says:

    You discuss single short story submissions, that might become part of an ebook.
    What about a themed short story collection? Where might that fit in? Or do you not consider short story collections?

    • Actually, we do consider short story collections. Our own “A Fancy Dinner Party” is just such a collection, in fact, and even has a foreword by acclaimed horror author Jonathan Maberry. To submit such a collection, you would submit it under the appropriate category, based on the total word length.

  7. Cody Lakin says:

    When submitting a proposal for a novel manuscript, do you want the query letter and synopsis (full outline) to be formatted similarly to the manuscript’s sample chapters (double-spaced, page numbers, etc.)?

  8. Mary A. Berger says:

    Do you consider the “cozy mystery” genre one you might consider for publishing?

    • Sure! There’s only a few genres we’re not interested in, and you can find those all on this page. Please be aware our submissions are taking a much longer time for us to go through right now, too.

  9. Dear Gray Gecko,
    Do you ever pay advances?

    Robin Wyatt Dunn

    • Robin,

      Thanks for asking! At this time, we don’t pay advances, because we believe in giving authors a chance to begin earning royalties on their work right away. We may change this policy later to include advances, but for the moment, we’re royalty-only. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have, and thanks for your interest in Grey Gecko Press!

  10. Christine says:

    Do you publish print books or only Ebook? And if you do create print books what are the requirements? Thank you very much for your time!

    • Christine,

      We publish in both print (hardcover and trade paperback) and ebook (Kindle and ePub). We don’t have any set requirements for authors to worry about with our print books; the layouts for the book are something we discuss with the author during that portion of the publishing process.


  11. Stephan says:

    So I’ve noticed that all of your published novels fall into various genre fiction categories. Do you also consider works of literary fiction?

  12. Isaac says:

    Do you accept books by multiple authors, or one series with more than one main author? (coalition sort of thing)

    • Isaac,

      Thanks for your interest in Grey Gecko Press. At this time, we are closed to new submissions. However, when we are accepting new submissions, we would typically look for books by one author only. That said, please feel free to submit your work at that time – you never know what could happen!

  13. Are you taking submissions at this time? I don’t know how long ago you posted to this site. My book is a paranormal family saga. Would you be interested in it?

  14. Tanner says:

    I am currently writing a great many things, but one in particular I wish to submit when possible. Around what time will submitions be open again, and for how long do you feel they will be?

    • Tanner,

      Thanks for your interest in Grey Gecko Press! Unfortunately, at this time we don’t have a date when submissions are likely to reopen. We’re reading as fast as we can to get through our backlog, though. Keep an eye on this page or our Facebook Page ( for updates!

      • Tanner says:

        If I were to submit a story to Grey Gecko and have it published would it have be changed or would I get to keep it as it was meant to be?

        • Hi Tanner!

          We’re currently closed to submissions right now, as you probably already know, but if your story was accepted for publication, we wouldn’t change it wholesale.

          Our editors are very different from those you may have heard about. They’ll never suggest you change the core of your story—what makes the story unique is what we liked about it in the first place!

          Naturally, there will be editing required, but this editing is all in an attempt to hone and refine the diamond from the rough. Not to turn it into something completely different.

          I hope that answers your question!

  15. Nick says:

    Hi, Grey Gecko. I read about your Publishing Company, and what caught my eye was the “Interesting stories from new authors will get our attention”. I just started writing, i’m unagented, i don’t really know what unsolicited means. Do you accept Fantasy? To be clear, i’m writing a series, about a half-human half-demon man. But, the demons are like the Japanese Yokai than “From Hell” demons. I’ve written the first book and working on the second. Will you accept a Fiction Fantasty series like that? Thank you for reading my comment.

    • Nick,

      Thanks for your interest in Grey Gecko Press! Currently we’re not accepting submissions, but when we are, you can find the three genres we don’t publish here on this page. We accept all genres other than these. Thanks very much!

  16. Danielle says:

    Do you know when you might start accepting submissions again? Thank you.

  17. Rochelle says:

    I was wondering when you will be accepting submissions again

    • Hi Rochelle,

      We’re not sure at this time. Things are in motion here at the Gecko that have our future plans for submissions in flux. We’ll post more info here as soon as we have it.

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